Time to wake up, mummy!

I’m writing this blog post to explain why I haven’t done a Gazette column this week.

The truth is I was just too damn tired.

A slight change in routine (and bedtime) because of my husband going back to work after Easter seems to have completely thrown my daughter. From sleeping for five or six hours every night, she’s suddenly waking almost hourly all night. I’m exhausted!

This morning I’ve woken up with a twitch in my right eye and a fatigue I never thought possible (not even the night Smithy and I thought a 1am ferry back from France was a good idea, which meant we were driving up to Manchester from the south coast at hours I didn’t know existed).

All I can say is thank goodness my boss is a lovely man, who agreed to find someone else to write my column this week.

Anyway, I promise next week will be back to normal. Or at least it’ll be back to the new version of normal, where I mainly look and act like a fully-functioning adult, apart from the strange ocular spasms which are now wracking my face. 

And in the meantime please keep everything crossed for me that my daughter goes back to the pre-Easter routine – a routine which doesn’t involve breakfast at 3am…


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